The Awaken180° weight loss philosophy

Life is complicated. In today’s society, no one plays just one role. We know that you are a family member, an overworked employee, and Patriot’s fan all at once! Between work, family and running errands, you don't have any time for you, and when you do, you surely don't want to spend it at the gym.
That’s where we come in.

Being told what to do can be a relief

We believe that weight loss really can be EASY. We coach you on how and when to eat, and even provide you with 80% of your food to eliminate fast food runs and grocery store headaches. You won’t need to ramp up your exercise or buy a new gym membership. Most importantly, we teach you how to eat out, drink out, and travel, so that you can have fun, while fitting back into your pre-wedding jeans.

Support so strong even your mother would approve

The Awaken180° Family is here to support you on your journey! Meet with our Awaken180° coaches weekly while on the program to get feedback and tips on how to maximize your weightloss, from someone who has been there. Almost everyone in the Awaken family has been on the Awaken180° program! Who better to give you suggestions, or help find solutions for a busy schedule than someone who has been in your shoes. Everyone you meet will be there to listen, support, and help educate you on what you need to reach your goals.

Education and support that lasts a lifetime

We hear you say, “what’s the point of putting in all this effort to lose weight if I’m just going to gain it back?” And we could not agree more. After watching our friends and family yo-yo diet for decades, we created a long term solution for success. We not only offer free maintenance education and planning, but free monthly maintenance support for the rest of your life! That means you can let loose on that Caribbean cruise! Because with our accountability and support, you know that 3 pounds won’t creep up to 10. Instead, you’ll come in for your monthly appointment and receive expert advice and support on how to regain control of your weight.